Silent Observer Announces New National Number for Anonymous TIPS

In cooperation and support of Star Star Mobile and Crime Stoppers USA, Silent Observer has launched a new nationwide crime-fighting tool which allows anyone to report information about a crime from anywhere in the country by dialing **TIPS (**8477) on a cellphone. 

**TIPS connects tipsters to the closest Crime Stoppers Program in the region and allows callers to remain anonymous. There are hundreds of Crime Stoppers phone numbers in the United States but with **Tips, no matter where you are in the country, you can dial this easy-to-remember number and provide anonymous tips to law enforcement through Crime Stoppers. **TIPS will work anywhere within the forty-eight contiguous states.

In October of 2020, The Florida Attorney General, in partnership with the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers, began piloting **Tips. Due to its success and use by residents in that State, Crime Stoppers USA felt this was a wonderful opportunity to take this nationwide.

Chris Cameron, Executive Director of Silent Observer and Chair of Crime Stoppers USA said, “**Tips is one more tool in our toolbox which will make it easier for the public to anonymously share their critical information about crime anywhere they might be in the United States. With these advances, Silent Observer believes even more citizens will stand up and speak out about crime since it’s an easy number to remember, safe and anonymous to use, and anyone can submit a tip anywhere in the country to help solve crime. With one nationwide number, a Crime Stoppers Program is right at their fingertips. We are so grateful to Star Star Mobile for underwriting the cost of **Tips and believe many more serious crimes will be solved because of this nationwide tip line.”