Silent Observer Increase In Rewards

In the wake of the continued increase of violent crime in greater Grand Rapids – most notably homicides, shootings, and armed robberies – Silent Observer is increasing its reward amounts.

“The lasting harm this violence has on the quality of life for our residents is unacceptable,” said Chris Cameron, Silent Observer. “To support ending the shocking violence, we have made the decision to offer rewards that are the highest amount in Silent Observer’s 50-year history.”

Silent Observer’s mission is to stop, solve and prevent crime from occurring. Increasing reward amounts and raising awareness of the importance of anonymous venues to report crime tips is one way Silent Observer can help. 

Tip information is critical to help public safety agencies solve crimes so perpetrators can no longer kill and/or destroy the lives of their victims and loved ones. 

We understand there is fear of retaliation from those involved in these crimes, so Silent Observer wants to remind our residents that Silent Observer provides a safe and anonymous way to support our community by speaking out against crime. 

To those who know who is involved in the violence, you can stop it now by contacting Silent Observer and reporting those involved in making life dangerous for our residents. Speak up now for your families, your neighborhoods, and your schools. 

State law protects Silent Observer records and tips so those contacting Silent Observer by phone at 616-774-2345, by web at and by using the silent observer mobile app can be assured they will be completely anonymous. Silent Observer is our community’s alternative to silence.

The increase in reward amounts is across the board and reflect the increase in violent and other serious crimes such as car thefts. The new reward amounts for tips that bring perpetrators to justice are: 

  • Murder – $3,200 – a 28% increase
  • Shooting with serious injury – $2000 – a 33% increase
  • Shooting with property damage – $750 – a 50% increase