Campus Program

If you have information about a crime or a serious violation occurring in your school, you can contact Silent Observer anonymously any time, 24 hours a day.

You can leave anonymous tips by calling 616.774.2345; by clicking on the Submit A Crime Tip section on this web site, or by downloading the silent observer app on iPhone or Android. You will be given a special identification number after leaving your tip. Record this number and use it to check on the success of the tip or the status of any rewards.

Your tip is immediately sent to the school. An administrator follows up on the tip and provides feedback to the director of Silent Observer as to the result. There are some occasions when the school administrator does get the police involved because of the serious nature of the tip. However, this program allows the school to deal with certain issues within the boundaries of their school.

You can call the Silent Observer Director at 616- 454-9110 after two days, Monday thru Friday between 9:00am and 2:30pm to check on the status of your tip. In the event of the recovery of stolen or damaged property or drugs, the student providing the tip is eligible to claim a $50 reward. If an illegal weapon is recovered, the student caller will receive $100. When calling to claim the reward, you must identify yourself with the correct identification number given when the tip was reported. Arrangements for payment will be made based on the safety and protection of the identity of the person reporting the crime. Comerica Bank is now paying out our rewards through their drive-thru windows at select branches

If you would like more information on Silent Observer’s Campus Program please call 616-454-9110 or email

Note: Silent Observer will only pay rewards if the information is provided to the Silent Observer tip line before administrators are made aware of the situation by the student caller. The purpose of Silent Observer’s Campus Program is to allow school students to use our anonymous tip line if they are worried about coming forward and their identity being revealed. This program has been extremely successful. Students have given accurate information about loaded guns in school, vandalism, possession of drugs and alcohol, sexting, bullying, the theft of computer equipment and other valuable items, threats of violence, the pulling of fire alarms, and the possession of knives, look alike guns, and other dangerous weapons.

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