Supporting the Shield Fundraiser

December 7, 2020
Entire week of December 7, 2020

To show appreciation and support for our law enforcement officials in Kent County, Silent Observer is hosting a “Supporting the Shield” event the week of December 7, 2020. We plan to show the community’s appreciation for their tireless efforts in keeping us safe by providing a meal to every police department in Kent County.  This will serve as a tribute to ALL law enforcement officers in Kent County and will also recognize police officers who are interacting with the community both professionally and personally.

Interested in showing your support for those who protect our community? By becoming a sponsor, you will be recognized for your support and generosity not only to our men and women who serve our community selflessly and bravely, but you will also be supporting Silent Observer, a partner with our community members and our law enforcement agencies.

We recognize it has been a challenging year for our police officers. It has also been a challenging year for Silent Observer, as we have struggled to raise the funds needed to maintain our operations especially during this time when crime is increasing. The violence our community is experiencing is frightening and devastating. Gun violence has sharply increased the last six months and our community members do not feel safe. Unfortunately, witnesses and others are hesitant to come forward because of fear of retaliation, fear of getting involved with the police, and the code the silence culture. Therefore, a functional and efficient Silent Observer Program is more important than ever.  Silent Observer exists to empower the citizens of Kent County to stand up and speak out against crime. Our anonymous tip lines offer community members a safe and anonymous way to report crime-solving information.

Funds raised for “Supporting the Shield” will assist Silent Observer, a program that partners with every law enforcement agency in Kent County.  Can you imagine what would happen if Silent Observer did not exist? There are no other means for the community to provide tips anonymously….Silent Observer is our community’s alternative to silence.

2020 Supporting The Shield Sponsors

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