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Local PSA’s Produced to Solve Crime

Silent Observer is launching a series of public service announcements today with the anticipation that they will help police solve some of Grand Rapids’ unsolved homicides.  The public service announcements feature members of our community who have lost loved ones to homicide.  They are powerful images with a powerful message.  Crime not only devastates the victim, it also devastates the entire family.

Finding justice is very important to victims of crime.  These videos will hopefully motivate those with information to share it anonymously with Silent Observer. 

PSA for Chad McElwee and Richard Dannah

PSA for Willie Benson and Renee DeMaagd Pagel

PSA for Sherry Stewart Brown

PSA for Lee Priester and Chad McElwee


Fast50 High School Video Contest WINNERS!

In January 2008, Silent Observer offered a video contest to high schools in Kent County that use the Fast 50 Program.  Silent Observer knew that if we wanted a 30-second public service announcement that would appeal to our young people, we would have to ask our students to produce it.  We also knew that with all the talent our students possess, we would have a first-class psa to send out to the media.  We asked our students to address the Code of Silence that seems to be prevalent among our teenagers, our new anonymous text messaging program and our anonymous tip line.  

See the Winning Videos for the Fast50 High School Video Contest


Public Service Announcement Videos

Keep your neighborhoods safe Crime makes families suffer

For more information on how you can help,
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Silent Observer dedicated this beautiful bench during the Candlelight Vigil on the National Day of Remembrance & Hope for ALL victims of crime.

granite bench dedicated to victms of crime

This bench, which sits at the Kent County Courthouse, is in remembrance of all those who have lost a loved one to crime or have experienced crime in their lives.


Rock The Mic on June 24, 2012

The 2012 Rock the Mic winners were: Annie Wildgen, Steven Truth Malcolm & Kaee Skwair

You can hear their songs and other top 10 finalists here!


Thanks to Harvey Automotive Group for the use of this beautiful Cadillac Escalade!

Escalade donated by Harvey Automotive Group

Harvey Automotive Group