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Please read before submitting a tip! If your tip needs immediate assistance it's best that you CALL the tip line at 774-2345 or 911. Meaning a crime in progress, drunk driving, domestic violence in the process, and crimes occurring right then must be called in.  Although web and text tips are monitored frequently, they are not always seen within minutes so it's best to call.  When giving a tip we need ALL the pertinent information like full names, age, full address, what the crime is, when it is occurring, vehicle info, etc.  The more information you can give will assist police in their investigation. 

Terms of Use

Silent Observer accepts tips and information about crimes in order to solve or prevent such crimes.   Users who communicate their own criminal threats by making them through Silent Observer or use Silent Observer to knowingly harass another person are not considered to be Silent Observer tipsters; are not eligible for rewards; are not immune from prosecution; and are excepted from the promise of anonymity.






This is a secure site.
Your e-mail address will not be sent with this tip.

If police make an arrest based directly on your tip and the suspect is bound over to Circuit Court you may qualify for a reward.

Upon submission you will receive a special identification number. Record this number and use it to check on the success of the tip or the status of any rewards.
Call Silent Observer at (616) 454-9110 after two weeks,
Monday through Friday between 9:30am and 3:30pm

If you have information about a crime that did not occur in the Greater Grand Rapids area, you may wish to report that information to a Silent Observer or Crime Stoppers Program in the area where the crime took place.

For a listing of anonymous tip-lines throughout the country please go to our
Tip-Lines search page ---> Search Tip-Lines

Public Act 557 strengthens Silent Observer's promise of anonymity to tipsters who call our tip line with information about crime. The law protects Silent Observer's records from subpoena unless the information would clear a defendant of guilt. "The guarantee of anonymity is the most important element of Silent Observer and Crime Stoppers programs," said Chris Cameron, Executive Director of Silent Observer. " It is what makes our program a vital tool in obtaining leads to assist investigators in solving crime."


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Silent Observer dedicated this beautiful bench during the Candlelight Vigil on the National Day of Remembrance & Hope for ALL victims of crime.

granite bench dedicated to victms of crime

This bench, which sits at the Kent County Courthouse, is in remembrance of all those who have lost a loved one to crime or have experienced crime in their lives.


Rock The Mic on June 24, 2012

The 2012 Rock the Mic winners were: Annie Wildgen, Steven Truth Malcolm & Kaee Skwair

You can hear their songs and other top 10 finalists here!


Thanks to Harvey Automotive Group for the use of this beautiful Cadillac Escalade!

Escalade donated by Harvey Automotive Group

Harvey Automotive Group