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40th Anniversary Celebration - Silent Observer

40th Anniversary Celebration A Fun Event!

Our favorite featured guests, John Canepa, Mike Jandernoa, Diana Sieger, Hon. Sara Smolenski, David Van Andel, and Michelle VanDyke made a “comeback” appearance for the Silent Observer’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Roast which was November 13. 

The roast part of the program was outstanding with lots of laughs.   Our goal has always been to make this Roast a fun event and fun it was! The roasters were terrific.  Chief Belk, Larry Johnson and the Friar’s testimonials really brought the Silent Observer message home.  It is important for our community to know the impact of the Silent Observer Program and their presentations showcased our effectiveness in the community by helping to stop, solve and prevent crime.

                  Special thanks to the Douglas & Maria DeVos Foundation for                       their Business Sponsorship.

Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation


Our wonderful sponsors of the Comeback Tour included:  Douglas & Maria DeVos Foundation, Amway, Cook Holdings, Wege Foundation, David & Carol VanAndel Foundation, Autocam, Universal Forest Products, Coldwell Banker AJS-Schmidt, Harvey Autotmotive, Fifth Third Bank, Varnum, Davenport University, Meijer Inc., Spartan Stores, Mike & Sue Jandernoa, Catholic Charities, Steelcase, Spectrum Health Security Police, John & Marie Canepa, Norris Perne & French, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

For the past 40 years, citizen-run Silent Observer has been an essential partner to law enforcement agencies around West Michigan in solving crime and bringing criminals to justice. Tips to Silent Observer help solve crimes such as murder, rape, assault, crimes against children, kidnapping, armed robbery, and burglary as well as help locate fugitives from justice and make schools safer by getting weapons and drugs out of classrooms. With nearly 2,500 crimes solved and $4 Million in property recovered or seized by police, Silent Observer has a real record of success. Now innovations in leveraging today’s technology enable crime reporting and anonymous tips to be received by phone, text, web and an iPhone ap.

For more information on how you can help,
please call 616-454-9110 or email


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Silent Observer dedicated this beautiful bench during the Candlelight Vigil on the National Day of Remembrance & Hope for ALL victims of crime.

granite bench dedicated to victms of crime

This bench, which sits at the Kent County Courthouse, is in remembrance of all those who have lost a loved one to crime or have experienced crime in their lives.


Rock The Mic on June 24, 2012

The 2012 Rock the Mic winners were: Annie Wildgen, Steven Truth Malcolm & Kaee Skwair

You can hear their songs and other top 10 finalists here!


Thanks to Harvey Automotive Group for the use of this beautiful Cadillac Escalade!

Escalade donated by Harvey Automotive Group

Harvey Automotive Group